Guido Mitidieri




To build means
to care about time.

To create health conditions for all  living beings and ecosystems
through the design of small spaces and places in wood.

Project: A.lava theatre and pavilion

Client: Annantalo Cultural center

Realization: During Wood Program Master studio 2016-17


Helsinki, Finland 
A.lava pavilion

Designed and constructed together in a team of 20 students from the Aalto University’s Wood Program, the pavilion provides a sheltered stage for Annantalo, an art center for young people and families in the center of Helsinki, Finland.A variation of triangular shapes that determine the walls and openings of the stage also serve as structural elements of the project. The geometry of the roof follows the same principles, raising up to emphasize the location of the stage by means of a set of beams forming a parabolic structure.The walls and deck structures were prefabricated from solid spruce wood in the program’s workshop in Otaniemi and assembled on site. The glulam beams were factory made and assembled on site in one day. Plywood sheets for the covering were CNC cut to adjust to the geometry and assembled on site the same day.


Finland and Italy