Guido Mitidieri




To build means
to care about time.

To create health conditions for all  living beings and ecosystems
through the design of small spaces and places in wood.

Project: Paracitywood model and exhibition design

Client: Casagrande Laboratory, JUT  Museum

Realization: January - March 2018


Taipei, Taiwan
Who cares, wins. The third generation city

Designed and constructed for Casagrande Laboratory, Helsinki. The project started from a conceptual vision of the finnish architect and I developed it as a free form organic wood architecture. A cubic module of 600x600x600mm is combined to form a model of an imaginary city growing on top of the contemporary modern town. The project realized in collaboration with Taiwanese wood workers and JUT Museum of Contemporary art of Taipei, is realized in local pine wood with wood peg joinery. It reach a total height of 11 metres and it is designed to be a weak architecture. This own developed concept gives to the structure a dynamic in between sky and ground. On the first floor of the museum a solo exhibition on the work of the architect has been developed telling his own growing history as an architect and as a man.


Finland and Italy