Guido Mitidieri




To build means
to care about time.

To create health conditions for all  living beings and ecosystems
through the design of small spaces and places in wood.

Project: Visitors center 
Client: Kemeri National Park International Competition Realization: International Competition

Great Kemeri national Park, Latvia
3+1 = 5 a connection point - 2018

Not Awarded Project

To build a Visitors Center in a place such as Kemeri Park, recalls to us this old lessons of composition, structure, and site specificity. Now we reach to contemporary and we arise questions: how can architecture give a meaningfull experience of Nature to urban visitors? Is there space for a non subjective and separated view of Nature?
We found the answer in time.

Historically, in West and East mysticism, the sense of time appears in its absence, in the experience of atemporality. No Alpha nor Omega; no starting nor ending point. In this contest categories such as past, present and future collapse. The ultimate reality of oneself is the perception of a complete sphere at the same time - it is not a line. One can physically access it in this very moment and very space, in the now.
Inspired by this point of view, our proposal’s concept is an image, and a metaphor of this reflection. The project proposes a site specific settlement of wood pavilions “Past - Present - Future”, connected each other through (mental) paths and with the forest. A main pavilion “Now” hosts the visitors center and the related program’s function. The in between landscape takes the form of a neural journey in the visitor’s mind who is invited to lose himself in paths and perspectives.


Finland and Italy