gu mi 

arte e architettura

chi - cosa -  come       (who - what - how)
10 comandamenti       (commandments)
ricerca                       (research)
novità                        (news)

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fare significa
evocare le possibilità latenti
della natura 



The sound of fire in the stove.

The good smell
of clean clothes
drying under the Sun 
and the warm stone
at the door.

Your light cast a longer shadow  today.

When you decide to do architecture as an artistic expression of human creativity, you do not care about fashion.
You care about life in all its beautiful complexity. The prize for this is an authentical gift that we can decide to leave to future generations, together. 
I craft the art of thinking architecture with the discipline of materials; together with the Nature’s needs and laws. Sensibility is the added value to everything you may decide to do.
I still pursue those antiquated lessons about structure, utility and beauty, respect for clients and workers. 

Design is the excercise of creating a fictional order from imaginery. It is the human tentative to give a form to the Mind. Design can be the slave of Ego and the mirror of Eternity.
I work for the second one.

10 commandments

1. Work as you pray, pray as you work
2. Precision for freedom 

3. Be simple, then simplify

4. Listen to women
5. Be brave
6. Wear an uniform 

7. Do not try to explain everything 
8. Believe
9. Increase what has diminished, decrease what has increased
10. Consider the Peak oil


Graduated in the School of Architecture of Florence in 2015, Guido holds a Master in Wood Architecture at Aalto University in Helsinki. He worked in Casagrande Laboratory and Puuguru Atelier of Wood design.

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